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Release Date: March 15th, 2024 | Floor Value Launch 100 USDC

About the Karma Flux NFT

"Flux" refers to a state of constant change or movement. In various contexts, it can denote a flow or transition of something, such as energy, particles, or information.

"Karma Flux" represents a dynamic or evolving aspect of karma within the DeFi space, suggesting a continuous flow or exchange of positive energy & opportunities. When you buy a Karma Flux NFT the funds don't just go into the creator's pockets like the large majority of NFT projects, instead, they go into an automated DeFi Protocol that generates passive income using Single Asset Staking (during uptrends), BELT Staking, Liquidity Pool Staking, etc. as the conduit. Once a month this then provides monthly airdrop rewards to the Karma Flux Holders equal to 44% of the accumulated gains. All of the actions and gains of the Karma Flux NFT can be tracked in this Excel Dashboard.

Karma Flux DeFi Allocation Breakdown

Profit AllocationDescriptionPercentage

Karma Flux NFT Holders

On the 1st of each month, the amount earned from the DeFi protocol will be airdropped to the Wallets Holding the Karma Flux NFT. Ownership Snapshot is done at 10:00AM (EST).



The compounding of the DeFi earnings will allow the Airdrops to scale in value thus not only increasing the airdrop rewards but also the floor value of the NFT.


Karma Liquidity

This allocation is set to buy Karma on the 1st of each month during the airdrop to the Karma Flux holders. This increases the value of Karma Token and increases the pool of ownership of KRMA, this pool will sell the reflection rewards to provide a larger airdrop to the Karma Flux NFT Holders.


Karma Team

Incentive to the Karma Team to help cover costs and improve exposure via marketing.


Where to Buy Your Own Karma Flux NFT

You can buy or sell your Karma Flux NFT via OpenSea on the Polygon Network

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